Union Physical Therapy COVID-19 Response

Union Physical Therapy is open for both TeleHealth and in-office visits.

In an effort to minimize risk to both our patients and staff, we have implemented new standard practices around the use of personal protective equipment and cleaning procedures. These practices are detailed below under the Risk Reduction Measures.

Union Physical Therapy is continuing to follow guidelines outlined by Governor Inslee, DOH, the CDC, WHO and other public health authorities. Under Washington State public health authorities, physical therapy is listed as an essential business and it is our goal to remain open and available to meet the needs of the patients in our community.

In-office Visits

Under the guidance of the Washington State Department of Health Physical Therapy is deemed an essential service and we are offering in-office therapy services.


If you are unwell or feel unsafe coming into the office for care we are able to offer TeleHealth PT visits. For more information regarding our TeleHealth services, check out our TeleHealth Services page.


The scheduling of an in-office visit can be done by calling our admin team at 206.588.0855 or emailing directly at [email protected]
Please feel free to schedule your TeleHealth visit online through our Fullslate scheduling platform.

The following enhanced precautions are being taken by staff and our patients for in-office visits. We are continuing to monitor this evolving situation and are making adjustments according to local and national health care authorities.

Union Physical Therapy staff will be using personal protection equipment will be worn by staff. During surges where case numbers are over 100/100,000 in king county our entire staff will be wearing KN95 filtering masks or equivalent which reduce the risk of exposure of our patients and our staff. Our entire staff is fully vaccinated. Additionally, each treatment room, our waiting area and our main gym space has been fitted with HEPA air purification systems. Union PT has also cleaning practices in place to keep work stations and shared equipment clean.

We are requiring all patients to wear CDC recommended face coverings during their in-clinic appointments. Gator, buff style, or cloth masks do not provide adequate filtering for an in-clinic physical therapy visit. If you do not have an adequit face covering available, we can provide one during your visit.

We are now selling KN-95 masks for $3.00 and providing free surgical masks. These masks reduce your risk of exposure and decrease the risk of exposure to those around you. We are recommending that patient buy and use these masks while in therapy to reduce the risk for everyone in the practice.

In the event of an exposure we ask that you refer to our policies around isolation that have been updated as of 01/10/22 in response to the latest guidance around exposure and isolation during the omicron surge:

Due to the rise of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and changes to the CDC, Washington Department of Health, and King County recommendations, Union Physical Therapy is updating our COVID policy. 

Union PT policies to ensure safety for our staff and patients:

  1. All Union staff is vaccinated and boosted 
  2. All Union staff wear masks for all interactions
  3. All patients are required to wear a mask while in clinic
  4. Staff is wiping down all equipment after each use using disinfectant wipes or spray. 
  5. Staff is wiping down all treatment tables with an EPA approved antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral spray before and after use.


  1. Did you have an exposure to someone who has COVID-19?  Definition of an exposure can be found here.  – If yes, please obtain a PCR test or a rapid test at least 5 days after you had close contact with someone with COVID-19. The date of the last close contact is considered day 0.  If you test positive or develop COVID-19 symptoms, isolate yourself from other people and follow CDC recommendations for Isolation.  If you test negative you may return to PT 5 days after exposure.  We would like you to follow these guidelines, even if you are asymptomatic. 


  • Which rapid tests are most effective in detecting the Omicron variant?

See the attached link  here for “serial screening tests”.


  1. If there was NO known exposure, but you are feeling unwell?  Please obtain a negative PCR or rapid test as soon as you notice symptoms. If negative you may return to Union PT.


  1. Are you living with the person who has tested positive?  If you do not develop symptoms, get tested by obtaining a PCR or rapid test at least 5 days after you have confirmation of a positive test in your household. The day of the positive test is considered day 0. We also request that you quarantine 5 days before returning to Union PT regardless of your vaccination status.  


If you develop symptoms, get tested immediately and isolate until you receive your 

test results. If you test positive, follow isolation recommendations before returning to Union PT.


CDC guidelines surrounding quarantine and isolation can be found here.


  1. What is your vaccination status?  We encourage all of our patients to be fully vaccinated and boosted. 


Please continue to wear a well-fitted filtering mask when you come into physical therapy.  A N-95 or KN-95 is best, however a 3 layer surgical mask is sufficient.  Union PT will provide surgical masks at the front desk.  If you are interested in purchasing a KN-95 mask at Union PT, ask when you arrive and we will supply one, but please arrive in a mask. 

Also, as a reminder if you need to cancel your physical therapy visit you always have the option to convert your appointment to a telehealth appointment. Please let us know in advance so we can set you up with a secure video link.