Whiplash Injury Treatment Center

The Whiplash Injury Treatment Center at Union PT offers a unique, holistic approach to the rehabilitation of traumatic spinal injuries that you won’t find in most offices. We are effective because of our years of experience, our advanced manual therapy skills, and the network of providers we have built.

Our therapists have advanced post-graduate training in the management of spine injuries using manual therapy. We use our hands to find the exact source of your pain so it can be effectively treated. Our techniques help to reduce your pain, improve your motion and guide the development an exercise program that will help you work towards getting back to your life as it was before your injury.

Our provider network allows for a more holistic approach to care. Union Physical therapy employs therapists who are established in the healthcare community.

Our years of experience don’t only help us select the proper treatments in the clinic. The successes we’ve seen and been a part of help us to know when you should be referred on to someone in our care network. We collaborate with the best MDs, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists to optimize your recovery. We’ve seen what works and how to help you get results!

Research suggests that early activation in the first 6-12 weeks after a motor vehicle collision (MVC) is crucial to outcomes following a whiplash injury.  That means it is important to start moving in a comfortable way soon after the injury.

Whiplash injuries often include concussions, dizziness, vertigo, headache, and jaw pain. Our therapists are specially trained in the management of each of these issues so we are able to address any of your PT treatment needs associated with your injury.

Total recovery requires a proactive and informed approach and that is what you will receive at Union PT.

Program Highlights:
  • Experience in Whiplash
  • Advanced Manual Therapy
  • Best Exercises for Whiplash
  • Effective Care Network

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