Telehealth Physical Therapy

You don’t have to miss out on the region’s best PT because you can’t make it into the office. The movement experts at Union PT are now offering our services via telehealth. Through our secure, HIPAA-compliant video-sharing platform, our therapists are able to provide Functional Movement Assessments, improve your movement, posture and alignment while they guide you through a customized home-exercise plan. We are also able to get a lens into your home or office work station so we can provide ergonomic consultations. After you’re done with your session you will be sent a video exercise plan to follow until your next session through our partnership with Medbridge and the Medbridge home exercise app.

What to Expect at Your TeleHealth Visit

Upon booking your TeleHealth visit here at Union Physical Therapy, you will receive a few emails from us. The first of which is our standard TeleHealth Consent form to conduct physical therapy via Telehealth. Secondly, you will receive a link from SecureVideo, our HIPAA-compliant video sharing platform. In this link will include all set-up and technical considerations for your visit. Finally, in order to help manage the cost of your visit, you will receive an online invoice to pay through PaymentsHub if a co-pay or cash-rate fee applies.

Prior to your appointment, we ask all patients to find a private room with space to demonstrate the functional movements we’ll be assessing during your visit. Please dress comfortably and prepare any weights, bands, towels, mats or anything else you may need during the course of treatment.

This 45 minute to one hour visit is covered by most health plans.

For plans not covering TeleHealth services, we are more than willing to offer our 35% discounted cash pay rate at the time of service.

Don’t let life’s interruptions get in the way of your quality care by taking advantage of our telehealth services today!

Insurances/Payers that Cover Telehealth

  • All Regence Plans including FEP, Boeing Health Plan, Regence MedAdvantage, Regence Uniform Medical Plan and other commerical plans managed through the Regence Health Network
  • All Aetna Plans including plans through Meritain Health
  • Most Premera Plans (Union PT admin staff will confirm your specific plan’s coverage information prior to your telehealth visit)
  • Most Cigna Plans (Union PT admin staff will confirm your specific plan’s coverage information prior to your telehealth visit)
  • Labor and Industry/Worker’s Comp Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Accident/PIP Claims

This list is being updated regularly as more payers are seeing the benefit of physical therapy telehealth visits. If you have a health plan that is not listed on here, feel free to give us a call or email and we would be happy to let you know and update this list as we know more.


Program Highlights:
  • Functional Movement Assessment
  • Ergonomic Consultations
  • Assess Quality and Quantity of Movement
  • Prescribe Exercises and watch for proper performance
  • Follow up with Exercises Plans that include exercise video demonstrations to follow at home

How does Telehealth Physical Therapy Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Telehealth Physical Therapy

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Telehealth Physical Therapy Guide to Access

TeleHealth Flyer by UnionPT ADmin

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