Running Therapy

Our therapist are trained in the latest techniques to keep you on your running program by recognizing what exercises will help to improve your running form and tissue tolerance. We have advanced training in how to analyze your running gait, footwear needs, and make modifications to your training plan so you can meet your performance goals.

Returning to peak performance and pushing your PR takes more than just passive treatment. We will help you to identify the source of your pain issue and build a program that will address that issue. Once your pain issue is resolved we will modify and advance that program so you understand how to maintain all of the gains you’ve made with Union PT. This will involve graduation from PT to a strength-training program that compliments your training and performance goals.

Program Highlights:
  • Treadmill Running Gait Analysis
  • Strength and Cross Training Programs for Runners
  • Flexibility and Mobility Programs for Runners
  • Running Footwear Assessment and Recommendations
  • Injury Prevention Programs