Climbing Injury Treatment

Union PT has been serving the climbing community for many years. We have experienced climbers on staff and our therapists who don’t climb know your sport very well. We have served some of the regions strongest climbers, industry athletes and professional climbers. What ever your current level is we have researched and developed programs and approaches to address the issues that are specific to climbing.

A climber’s body develops patterns of muscle dominance and imbalance that are unique to this sport. Being aware of these patterns helps us prescribe the rehab and return to sport programs for our patients.

We know the movements required and the demands your body needs to stand up to when returning to climbing and ramping up training.

Union PT collaborates with local gyms providing quarterly injury prevention seminars for Vertical World as well as providing youth injury screening for the Seattle Bouldering Project Climbing Team. Union PT was also involved in providing event coverage for the Northwest Boulderfest.

We treat:

  • Climber’s Elbow
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pulley injuries
  • Nerve compressions

Program Highlights:
  • We are climbers
  • We know climbing
  • Finger, Elbow, and Shoulder Treatments
  • Return to Sport Planning