Administrative Team

Our Philosophy

Our goal in the development and delivery of your care is to provide the most practical and cost effective solutions for the issues that limit your optimal performance.

Our approach identifies the mechanical problems driving the issue using the most advanced and evidence based manual and physical examination techniques. We strive to localize and address the root of issues so that long term solutions and management strategies can be developed effectively and efficiently. The approach is thorough, holistic, and accessible.

One of the most important things we can provide you as physical therapists is an education. You will leave your treatment knowledgeable in the nature of your condition and how you can independently manage your issues in a way that fits your lifestyle.
Total recovery requires an active and informed approach and that is what you will receive at Union PT.


Will Zharinov

Operations Manager

Outside the Clinic

Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, surfing and traveling the world with his wife and dog

Will brings several years of medical administrative experience working at local small practices and is a passionate advocate for the patients our clinic treats. With his involvement with nationally recognized practice managers groups, Will is prepared to help answer any questions that patients may encounter when navigating their specific insurance coverage. It is our goal to allow patients to be focused on their treatment while Will and our administrative team assures that all of our billing and operational tasks are being handled promptly and professionally.
Washington State University – BS Psychology

Erin Mosley

Financial Coordinator

Outside the Clinic

Fitness classes, hiking, puzzles, baking/cooking, true crime, spending time with her husband and new dog
Erin is an east coast transplant with over six years of experience as an administrator in the medical field. She is an advocate for all of our patients, making sure they get the care they need. Erin’s primary goal is to ensure all administrative, insurance, and billing needs are handled seamlessly so patients can focus on their treatment.

Boston University, B.A. Psychology