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Backpacking & Hiking Tune Up!

On Tuesday July 26th, our therapist, Josh Foster, will be leading a FREE “Backpacking and Hiking Tune up” workshop! Join us here at our clinic for an informative night of tips, tricks, and exercises to make your next trip more of a walk in the park. July 26, 2022 6:30-8:00pm To register, please email [email protected]…. Read more »

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Clinically Focused vol. 1

Recent Con-Ed and Trainings: • Leslianne Yen MD: Hydrodissection for Peripheral Nerve Entrapment • Sarah Wyant PT: Lumbar Disc Management • Elisa Owens PT: Ankle Ligament Manual Stress Testing Mitch Owens PT: Differential Diagnosis and Manual Assessment for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. Linda Joy Lee PT, PhD: Connect Therapy in Vancouver, B.C. Mitch Owens PT: Shoulder… Read more »