Dry Land Ski Conditioning at Union Physical Therapy

What is Dry Land Ski Conditioning?

Union PT is collaborating with the Alpine Training Project (ATP) to offer a six-week ski conditioning series. The PTs who founded ATP have spent years refining a program that is focused on improving your performance while aiming to reduce your change of injury. This program progresses each week as we working on improving your strength, mobility and dynamic control so you can get ready for your best season yet.

This is done with an HIIT style interval training class that includes a dynamic warm up, isolation circuit, interval circuit and a cool down.

Where is the Class?

Union Physical Therapy in Seattle

2214 N 56th St

Seattle, WA 98103

How much is the class?

$150 for 6 in-person classes

$200 for 6 in-person classes plus a Season’s Pass to the Alpine Training Project which supplies pre-season and in-season video workouts for performance and recovery.

When do we get started?

Thursday series with Mitch Owens PT starts October 13th

Click here to Register – Series Only

Click here to Register – Series + Season’s Pass

Tuesday series with Jessica Jortberg PT starts October 11th

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