Your Pelvic Floor After Pregnancy

5 Things Pelvic Health Physical Therapists Want You to Know About Your Postpartum Body 1. Being pregnant puts a lot of stress on the pelvic floor whether you have a vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery. The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles that sits at the bottom of the pelvis.  The pelvic floor plays… Read more »

Preventing Injuries in Youth Rock Climbing

Preventing Injuries in Youth Rock Climbing Youth rock climbing is on the rise! Who are all these little crushers all over the climbing walls? Youth climbing has grown significantly over the last decade and with the sport’s recent debut in the olympics, it’s growth and popularity among young climbers is sure to continue. With the… Read more »

ACL Surgery Recovery

How Do I Know When It Is Safe To Return To Sport After ACL Surgery?   Coming back to activity and returning to your favorite sport following an ACL repair can certainly be a daunting task. It has likely been quite a while since you have been at your usual activity level and the knee… Read more »

Top 5 Exercises to Prepare for Cross-Country Classic and Skate Skiing

There are many ways to enjoy winter in a snowy place, but cross-country skiing, also known as nordic skiing, may arguably be one of the greatest in terms of combining great exercise with beautiful scenery.  Cross-country skiing provides a full-body workout involving upper body, leg and core strength, cardiovascular endurance, and balance. Additionally, cross-country skiing… Read more »

Common Climbing Elbow Injuries and How to Treat Them

Why Won’t This Elbow Pain Just Go Away?   Causes of climbing elbow injuries   When we are climbing there are (typically) just two points of contact between the wall and yourself: your toes and your hands.  Your toes have the luxury (luxury being a relative term depending on how tight your shoes are…) of… Read more »

Common Climbing Shoulder Injuries and How to Treat Them

4 Exercises to Get Your Shoulder Ready For Fall   Common climbing shoulder injuries  Our shoulders are a pretty amazing joint; they allow for movement in nearly any plane. Due to the nature of the joint, we trade some amount of stability in favor of maintaining a significant amount of mobility. As a result, the… Read more »

Knee Pain With Running and Three Exercises for Runner’s knee

Who Gets It? If you have been running for any length of time there is a very good chance that you’ve faced some knee pain.  This can be frustrating and discouraging for both new runners and experienced, competitive runners alike.   A quick google search for “knee pain with running” can lead you down a… Read more »

Calf Pain After Running and Three Exercises for Achilles

Achilles Tendonitis & Achilles Tendinosis   Tendons are the part of the muscle that attaches into the bone.  They are made out of dense collagen fibers and are great at managing load and transferring force.  The achilles tendon attaches the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles to the heel.  TendonITIS is an acute inflammatory response of… Read more »

Tech Neck

 Tech Neck    What Is Tech Neck?   As the name suggests, tech neck is a common name for pain in your neck, upper shoulders and back associated with use of technology (i.e. phones, laptops, computers, gaming consoles). This is not a medical diagnosis but it has become a common phrase to describe a group… Read more »

Physical Therapy for Sciatica

Physical Therapy for Sciatica in Seattle   What Is Sciatica?  Where is the sciatic nerve? The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, arising from the spine at levels  L4, L5, S1, S2 and S3.  Sciatica refers to irritation of this large nerve at the level of the spine; sciatica is a type… Read more »

Improving recovery from knee surgery using blood flow restriction training

  What is BFR? For a thorough introduction to BFR, please see our previous blog post: https://www.unionpt.com/blood-flow-restriction-training-physical-therapy/   In general, blood flow restriction training involves the use of a tourniquet or band placed around the upper arm or leg. These bands are then inflated to a certain pressure in order to restrict the amount of… Read more »

Best Collagen supplements for joints. Trendy craze or legitimate hype?

Best Collagen supplements for joints. Trendy craze or legitimate hype? Collagen supplementation has received a plethora of publicity over the past few years. Is it just trendy or is there legitimacy to the excitement? Collagen is flaunted as a supplement that can provide skin health, reduce wrinkles, reverse aging, help ease joint pain and increase… Read more »

Physical Therapy Near Me

How to find the Best Physical Therapy Near Me in Seattle What is physical therapy or physiotherapy in Seattle? Physical therapy or Physiotherapy is medical care delivered by a physical therapist or physiotherapist. In the United States we use the term Physical Therapist and in the rest of the English speaking world the term physiotherapy is… Read more »

Common Route Setting Injuries and How to Prevent Them

  Route Setter or Industrial Athlete?   Route setting has developed in to a highly demanding career in recent years, as worldwide we have seen an explosion in indoor climbing facilities. According to the Climbing Business Journal, the number of climbing gyms in the US has consistently increased annually, with 2019 showing 5% growth of… Read more »

kaiser permanente seattle physical therapy

Kaiser Permanente Seattle Physical Therapy What is Kaiser Permanente Seattle Physical Therapy? When navigating the world of the American health insurance system, patients are often left confused or frustrated with long hold times and inconsistent answers from benefits representatives. Here at Union PT, our goal is to remove that hassle and have you focus on… Read more »

Best Hangboard Workout For Finger Strength and Rehab

Why Should I Do A Hangboard Workout? No Substitute For Strong Fingers In short: there’s no replacing finger strength.  Even if you’ve been training core, arms and shoulders; can hold front levers with ease or do five single arm pull ups, it is ultimately your fingers in contact with the rock (or plastic) and if… Read more »

5 Tips for a Great Backpacking Pack Fit

5 Tips for a Great Backpacking Pack Fit Let’s start out by saying, we have all been there…you know the 1 hour into the trail and the weird pressure points and pains start to make their way onto your body and you can’t believe you’ve only been hiking for 1 hour, when it feels like… Read more »

Climbing Finger Pulley Injury

Climbing Finger Pulley Injury: Rehab and Splint Applications What is a Pulley Injury from Rock Climbing? Pulleys in our fingers act much like the eyelets on a fishing rod. They work to keep the tendons that flex our fingers close to the bone, to create a mechanical advantage and limit “bowstringing” of the tendon on… Read more »

Five Tips to Find Quality Physical Therapy Near Me

I need physical therapy, how do I find the best PT near me? In some cases, people go to see their doctor because of aches and pains or an injury and they are referred to physical therapy. Sometimes, people just know when they need to see a PT. Fortunately, Washington State is one of the… Read more »

Late To The Party: Climbing Hard-ish While Starting as an Adult

A PT’s Perspective On Training Who Is This Guy? What began as a summertime diversion until the next snowboard season has turned into a full blown passion.  I didn’t start climbing until I was 30 but have since jumped in with both feet.  It feels weird and braggy to say but I was able to… Read more »

Navigating Online Climbing Training Platforms  

A PT’s Guide to Getting Started   What Is Out There?   A ton!  Climbing is more popular than ever and people are serious about their performance.  Reflecting that is the volume of plans, platforms, and companies offering their training services.  It ranges from slick, app based, professionally individualized assessment with loads of data gathered… Read more »

Why is the World Spinning?  BPPV and Positional Dizziness  

Understand BPPV, Learn BPPV “exercises”, and Overcome Vertigo When Lying Down or Getting Up.-     What is BPPV?    BPPV stands for Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo.  It is also referred to simply as “positional vertigo” and is the name of a condition which causes temporary episodes of dizziness with certain head movements.  The problem originates… Read more »

Blood Flow Restriction: A New & Exciting Physical Therapy and Training Tool

Is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Physical Therapy For Me? Seattle Physical Therapy   What Is BFR?   Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a technique that was developed in Japan in the 1960’s. Since the mid 2000’s BFR has been popularized in weightlifting circles and seen extensive use in professional sports. Blood flow restriction… Read more »

Using Blood Flow Restriction Training in Physical Therapy to recover from a Climbing Injury in Seattle or Via Telehealth

Using Blood Flow Restriction Training in Physical Therapy to recover from a Climbing Injury in Seattle or Via Telehealth What Is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)? Blood flow restriction training involves the use of straps or bands placed at the upper arm or thigh. These bands are tightened to partially limit blood flow, and are worn during… Read more »

3 Exercises for Neck Pain after a Recent Whiplash Injury

3 Exercises for Neck Pain after a Recent Whiplash Injury Before starting any exercise routine you should check in with your physician to be sure it is safe to exercise. This blog post describes some red flags that are important to address prior to starting an exercise routine for your neck.  If you think you… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions about Telehealth Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions about Telehealth Physical Therapy What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?   Will Telehealth Physical Therapy replace in-person visits at Union Physical Therapy? What kind of conditions can be treated via Telehealth Physical Therapy? Can I have a new patient evaluation via Telehealth Physical Therapy? Where does my visit take place? Is it secure?… Read more »

PT Pro-Tips for Returning to Your Favorite Mountain Activities

This week, Washingtonians rejoice as access to many of our favorite state lands open up for the first time after closing down due to precautions surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.   The collective glee is palpable as antsy recreationists, athletes and mountain-lovers return to the trails, waterways, and parks that they love. Meanwhile my PT colleagues and… Read more »

3 Exercises for Chronic Whiplash Injury Physical Therapy Seattle

Whiplash Physical Therapy: Three Exercises for Chronic Neck Pain The exercises noted in this blog post should not be a substitution for a quality physical therapy assessment. If you have long-standing pain or disability after an injury to the neck you should see a physical therapist. Prior to starting an exercise routine you should check… Read more »

Telehealth Physical Therapy Guide to Access

TeleHealth Flyer by UnionPT ADmin

How to Use Personal Injury Protection aka PIP Insurance for Physical Therapy Treatment After a Car Accident – Seattle

How to Use Personal Injury Protection aka PIP Insurance for Physical Therapy Injury Treatment After a Car Accident – Seattle   What is PIP insurance?   Auto insurance has been around in some shape or form since the late 1800s to protect your investment in your vehicle. While your collision and comprehensive coverage insure the… Read more »

Is a Standing Desk Right for Me?

Is a standing desk right for me? A standing desk is a workstation that allows you stand to do your computer job rather than sitting.  Optimally, the desk is adjustable so you can sit or stand while working.  These types of desks have become more popular lately.   Is sitting really that bad? The answer… Read more »

Treat Your Cervicogenic Headache at Home

What is Cervicogenic headache? As the name might suggest a cervicogenic headache is pain in the head that starts in or is referred from the neck.  Cervicogenic headache is common after whiplash injury, with up to 53% of headache after accident related to the neck. How can I tell if I have cervicogenic headache? How… Read more »

TMJ Physical Therapy Near Me in Seattle Exercises and Treatment

TMJ Physical Therapy Near Me in Seattle Exercises and Treatment What is TMJ Physical Therapy Near Me Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD) is a common condition affecting the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and impairing functions such as opening and closing of the jaw, chewing, and talking. The TMJ, located in front of the ear, is a sliding hinge… Read more »

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Seattle

Shoulder Impingement: Physical Therapy Diagnosis, Treatment, and Exercises in Seattle What is shoulder impingement? Shoulder impingement is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain in both the general and athletic populations. The prevalence of shoulder impingement is exemplified by the number of different names associated with this diagnosis: Swimmer’s shoulder, Painter’s shoulder, Subacromial… Read more »

Physical Therapy for Elbow Pain Seattle Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Elbow Pain Seattle Physical Therapy Elbow pain: Diagnosis and Treatment What are the causes of medial and lateral elbow pain? Elbow pain comes in 2 major flavors: medial and lateral elbow pain, that is, pain on the inside or the outside of the elbow. There is a general rule in the medical… Read more »

Tech Office Worker Ergonomics

Tech Office Worker Ergonomics Sustained postures for any given task, be it lifting, biking, driving, or working at a computer, can overload the bodies biomechanical tolerance if not properly dosed. By: Dustin Steffan, DPT Sustained postures for any given task, be it lifting, biking, driving, or working at a computer, can overload the bodies biomechanical… Read more »

Climbing Grip Choice and Injury

Climbing Grip Choice and Injury   By: Dustin Steffan, DPT Hand injuries, specifically pulley injuries, are common amongst climbers. Pulley injuries are slow to heal and often responsible for a great deal of missed climbing time. Grip choice can have a dramatic impact on this type of injury. One element at play is the choice… Read more »

When to Seek Care

When to Seek Care   By: Kristen Vaughan, DPT It’s summertime in the Northwest and we at Union PT hope that you are getting out to enjoy the bounty that the PNW has to offer. Longer days and nicer weather allow us to do more of the activities we love, but can also open up… Read more »

Physical Therapy for ACL Repair or Injury

Physical Therapy for ACL Repair or Injury   By: Dustin Steffan, DPT The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of many ligaments that provide structural support to the knee. The ACL specifically controls anterior movement of the tibia on the femur and is important for knee stability especially with activities requiring sprinting and quick changes… Read more »

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Lumbar Disc Herniation   By: Dustin Steffan, DPT Seattle Physical Therapist  The diagnosis of a lumbar disc injury can be both intimidating and confusing. The healing process is generally a long one, but there are a number of treatment options available. The first choice to be made is whether to pursue conservative management or surgical… Read more »

Manual Therapy

What is Manual Therapy? Why is Manual Therapy Important? Why I’m a Manual Therapist   By: Sarah Kaiser, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT   What is manual therapy? Manual therapy is, at its most basic, hands on treatment of the musculoskeletal system. At its most complicated, it is assessment and treatment of what can be very nuanced… Read more »

Physical Therapy for Whiplash

Whiplash occurs during a forceful forward and backward or side to side movement of the neck. Whiplash most often occurs during a motor vehicle accident, but can also happen during a sports injury or other trauma Symptoms can start immediately after whiplash occurs, or up to several days following the incident Common symptoms of whiplash… Read more »

Manual Therapy and Prolotherapy for Spondylolisthesis: A Patient’s Story.

I recently received an email from a patient expressing gratitude for the role I played in his recovery story. I asked him to share his story for other patients facing the same questions he had regarding the use of of prolotherapy for a dynamic spondylolisthesis, whether he could return to high level activity without a… Read more »

6 Reasons We Should be Squatting in Physical Therapy

6 Reasons We Should be Squatting in Physical Therapy What is wrong with Squatting? As a physical therapist who treats several patients with hip pain, I have noticed that I have been prescribing the squat for these individuals more and more.  As I have done so, it has become clear to me that many people… Read more »

Union PT to host "Integrating the Neurologic and Orthopedic Management of Dizziness and Vertigo" April 25th – 26th

Union Physical Therapy in a partnership with Cascade Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation will be hosting “Integrating the Neurologic and Orthopedic Management of Dizziness and Vertigo”  on April 25th – 26th at Union PT in Seattle, Wa.. The course will start at 3:00 PM on the 25th and will cover a comprehensive review of assessment and… Read more »

Is CrossFit Safe?

If you ask any CrossFitter about CrossFit, they will tell you how much they love it, how much it has changed their life, how they’ve improved and benefited over time, and how they just cannot get enough.  However, as a physical therapist, one of the most common conversations I have with people – patients, other… Read more »

Top down and bottom up

When I went on some of my first interviews as a new grad, one of the most common things to talk about in an interview was whether I took a “bottom up” or a  “top down” approach to treating lower extremity injuries. Bottom up refers to the theory that how the foot hits the ground… Read more »

Local Art in Union Physical Therapy

We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to showcase art from two of Seattle’s best artists, Amber Anderson and Cait Willis in our clinic.  Collaborating with local artists has been a fun and unique experience. The artwork has added a great aesthetic to the space and we are getting a lot of questions about… Read more »

The Future of Home Exercises at Union Physical Therapy

The delivery of a home exercise program can be a bit tricky. It is often hard for my patients to organize slips of paper and to perform the exercise as it was intended because a picture only shows the start and/or end of the movement. A video shows not just the start and end of… Read more »

Redcord and Stability

PRO it up with Redcord!  Our friends at Herriott Sports Performance (HSP) in Seattle have started a new stability class that would be a great compliment to traditional physical therapy core training. It is also a great way to gain stability for injury prevention and maintain stability in the spine, hips and shoulders. Redcord is… Read more »

Tips for bearfoot/minimalist running

I love running and am happy to see that this new/old trend has moved people who previously never liked or wanted to run to go out and move.  Barefoot or minimalist running can be a great tool and a useful way to improve your running form if used properly. As a physical therapist I have… Read more »

Dear Ms. Greenberg, Thank you…

One of the most common questions that I get (on almost a daily basis) is why/how did I get into the profession of physical therapy? The answer is simple and fairly unusual. Ms. Greenberg. I was fortunate enough to go to a public high school in NY that had a program for kids who interested… Read more »

Chasing the dream

“Don’t chase the paper, chase the dream” –Sean P. Diddy Combs It is not an accident that we provide care in a particular style, for an amount of time and for a certain price.  The fundamental beliefs behind the decisions made at our clinic are to provide the best level of care in the most… Read more »

Community Partner Spotlight – AIDS Lifecycle Ride to End AIDS

Community Partner Spotlight: AIDS/Lifecycle It is an honor to write our first official “Community Partner Spotlight” about an amazing organization/event. I have had the pleasure of participating in the AIDS/Lifecycle bike ride three times and can honestly say that it has been one of the most life changing experiences of my life. The first time… Read more »

5 Ways to avoid Injury at the Gym

5 Ways to avoid Injury at the Gym  1.    Form Injury prevention starts and ends with form. You must learn the proper form for exercises. Most exercises are not inherently dangerous but the way that people perform them leads to abnormal stresses on joints that are not meant to handle such stress. A good example… Read more »

What is a Bike Fit?

What is a Bike Fit? Bike fit is the process of determining and implementing an ideal position on a bicycle. An ideal position varies from cyclist to cyclist. For the purposed of this post we will only focus on a preventative fit and a fit for an injured/recovering cyclist. Performance fits are similar, in that… Read more »

Top 5 ways to maximize your Seattle physical therapy experience

Top 5 ways to maximize your PT experience 1.Be Honest with your PT, Be honest with yourself When we ask you how you are doing, it is really important that you tell us if things are better, worse or the same. Our plan of care will change depending on your response to treatment. Don’t worry… Read more »

Union Physical Therapy’s Mission

Medicine is a story. It was initially passed among healers through oral histories and fellowship since the beginning of time. Advances in communication have allowed us to exponentially build our body of medical knowledge. The ability to tell a story and provide an oral history is a defining human characteristic.  It has given us the… Read more »