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1-to-1 Care

We don’t utilize aids or assistants. You spend one hour with your personal PT each session to ensure optimal care and follow through

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Your PT is trained to feel what you can’t. We get your body moving with skilled hands-on treatments. Learn more

Individualized Care

Your treatment is tailored to your specific athletic, work and life goals. We assess and re-asses your progress with each visit. This allows your PT to rapidly refine your care plan and get to the root of your problem.

We've Been There

We are athletes and we work hard for a living. We know what it means to be limited by an injury and what it takes to get back out there.

Your Drive, Our Knowledge

Our team of Physical Therapists with advance training and experience provide one to one care to help you meet your goals and get back out there.
Blood Flow Restriction Training
  • Muscle strength and hypertrophy gains
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Diminished atrophy and strength loss after surgery/disuse
  • Improved muscle recruitment
  • Growth hormone response
  • Improved local oxidative capacity
  • Cardiovascular improvements
Climbing Injury Treatment
  • We know climbing and climbers bodies
  • We treat climber’s elbow, shoulder pain, pulley injuries as well as post-traumatic injuries related to falls
  • Return to Climbing Training Plans
Dizziness and Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • BPPV treatment using the Epley Maneuver
  • Concussion Treatment
  • Dizziness after a Motor Vehicle Accident
Mountain and Road Cycling
  • Bike Fitting
  • Bike Accident Rehabilitation
  • Mountain Bike Injury Treatment
  • Exercise Plans for Cyclists
Physical Therapy for TMJ Pain
  • Exercises for Jaw Pain
  • Manual Therapy to Improve Jaw Mobility
  • Referral Network for Pain treatments and mouth guards
Running Therapy
  • Treadmill Running Gait Analysis
  • Strength and Cross Training Programs for Runners
  • Flexibility and Mobility Programs for Runners
  • Running Footwear Assessment and Recommendations
  • Injury Prevention Programs
Skihab: Physical Therapy for Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Return to Sport Plans
  • Performance and Prevention Training Plans
  • Fitness Classes for Winter Athletes
Telehealth Physical Therapy
  • Functional Movement Assessment
  • Ergonomic Consultations
  • Assess Quality and Quantity of Movement
  • Prescribe Exercises and watch for proper performance
  • Follow up with Exercises Plans that include exercise video demonstrations to follow at home
Whiplash Injury Treatment Center
  • Experience in Whiplash
  • Advanced Manual Therapy
  • Best Exercises for Whiplash
  • Effective Care Network
Women’s Health
  • Internal and External Pelvic Floor treatment
  • Peripartum and postpartum therapy
  • Treatment for incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and sexual dysfunction

Our Team

Our team of dedicated therapists have over 40 years of professional physical therapy experience, and continue to learn from and teach the professional community along with each other to pursue mastery in our craft.

From the Community

“This is the best physical therapy office I have ever been to. Having been involved in sports my entire life, that is saying a lot.”

Union Physical Therapy
Based on 17 Reviews
Creativecat W.
Creativecat W.
2019-01-02 12:58:01
I have been going to Sarah Kaiser and she has been fabulous. She is very knowledgable, caring, and has really helped decrease my pain levels. I look...
Marc B.
Marc B.
2018-06-01 15:57:45
Mitch is one of the most masterful physical therapists I've had the pleasure of working with. As an avid rock climber for the past 10 years and routesetter...
Maggie P.
Maggie P.
2018-02-20 10:43:28
Only positive things to say about Union PT. I've been working with Dustin for ~5 months after feeling increase knee pain during marathon training. We've...
Krystal V.
Krystal V.
2018-02-14 21:42:28
This place is excellent! I've never been to PT before and I, of course, had a very stupid injury, but shoot dang did Kristen help my healing process!...
Karen C.
Karen C.
2017-11-29 23:20:23
I wholeheartedly recommend Union Physical Therapy. I've worked with Dustin for my shoulder and Mitch for my back and knee, and both have been wonderful....
Manasi K.
Manasi K.
2015-06-24 14:04:05
Elisa was my PT for back problems I have. Not only is she empathetic, she listens very well. She came up with a list of exercises for my specific issue &...
Union Physical Therapy
Based on 53 reviews
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Gianna M
Gianna M
15:26 09 Mar 20
Sarah is great! She is super understanding of my goals and the anxieties I have around my injury and recovery. I went to like 4 different physical therapists here in Seattle before I found her and I definitely made the right call
James Laing
James Laing
06:04 22 Nov 19
I’ve had a great experience with Union PT. I’m active in the outdoor community and I was looking for a team that understood and was able to assist me in a more specific return to sport recovery. Dustin has taken great care of me. I’ve seen him for multiple issues - the latest- a broken arm. He understood my goal of continue to mountain bike and assisted me in recovering muscle function, strength and range of motion. I was really appreciative of how detailed he was in explaining what the issues were and what steps we needed to take to getting better. One of the best things is having 1 on 1 time for the whole hour. The PTs are very attentive and you aren’t passed off at any point. Union PT was recommended by a good friend and I would highly recommend anyone to go here, especially for outdoor sports related injuries.
22:23 21 Nov 19
Union Physical Therapy is amazing!! They are incredibly intelligent, skilled, and determined to help you solve the physical problems and get you back to full function again! Rare combination in my experience. I'm very grateful for their help.
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson
03:30 12 Nov 19
I've seen a lot of Dr's and these guys run the friendliest office with expert knowledge of the body. I came in trying to put off a full hip replacement. They were able to get me up and walking without pain for the first time in years. Then we figured out that the hip had worn away by 2cm. Mitch helped me find the best options for surgery and helped me understand PRP and Stem cell options. He never told me what to do but gave me enough information to make an informed decision. I'll be coming back for PT here after my surgery in Jan.
Jessica A
Jessica A
17:20 06 Nov 19
My life has changed with Kristen at Union Physical. I had been going to PT at my PCP's office but was not getting the results or care my back needed...Yes I know you have to put in the effort as well, but Kristen's knowledge and expertise changes everything. From the muscle work massages, exercises, and overall attentiveness, I'm so glad I waited a month to finally see her. I've been able to wake up without pain :).
Ben Kunz
Ben Kunz
16:41 04 Nov 19
I have been getting help from Union PT for over a year now. This year I had a shoulder surgery (rotator cuff, climbing injury). The depth of knowledge, combined with practical and efficient training regimes has made me a convert to Union PT. I've used many different PT centers in the past and none come close to the value I get at Union PT.
danya deleon
danya deleon
06:57 15 Oct 19
I have been going to Union PT for different injuries and I am so grateful for all the support they have provided me. The entire team has been truly amazing. Mitch has a tremendous amount of experience and he has a lot of knowledge and understands the ins and outs of how muscles are supposed to work and how to help you recover. Kristen is also amazing at muscle activation and making sure your muscles are responding. It has been a life changer for me. I was having shoulder and neck issues and I wasn't able to sleep, or carry my daughter around. I had to constantly take medication and after going with the team at Union PT, I gained my health back. I cannot recommend them enough and I am truly grateful for all they have done for me. I would also recommend them for pregnancy and postpartum pains and aches. I had bi-monthly sessions through all my pregnancy and I didn't have to take any pain medication through my pregnancy. Thank you for all that you do!
William Beta
William Beta
00:53 13 Aug 19
I've gone to Union Physical Therapy for three different issues and am truly grateful to have found them. I thought I needed knee surgery, but they figured out my core muscles were getting weak with age and after concentrating exercise on my core strength I can now hike again without pain! Thanks Elisa and Mitch.
Felix Homar
Felix Homar
14:19 08 Aug 19
I’ve been seeing Elisa and Amanda Union PT for about 6 months now. Over this time period (2+) times per week, they have helped me diagnose and recover from multiple surgeries and past injuries. They are very thorough when it comes to assessing your injuries and will take the time and necessary steps to get you back to perfect health! One of my favorite things about them is that no matter the day - you can call or email your PT with questions or concerns and they will take the time to respond with your best interests at heart. Thanks to them... I’ve been able to get through two major surgeries and multiple unrelated past injuries without stress because are such skilled practitioners. I highly, highly recommend!
Mel Flannery
Mel Flannery
21:08 11 Jul 19
I can’t say enough good things about Union Physical Therapy. Elisa is my therapist and she is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had serious injuries this past year with 2 surgeries. 3 other physical therapy places left me struggling to regain function and actually regressing. Elisa started with a comprehensive assessment and asked for my personal goals. We have worked together towards full ROM on all counts and I am steadily progressing towards regaining full musculoskeletal function. She is empathetic, professional and experienced in multiple therapies so she readily adapts the plan weekly to meet my needs. She is in a word, excellent! I’m grateful to be her client. I can recommend her to anyone who is seeking recovery through physical therapy. I had 2 sessions with Dustin when she was away and I recommended him to my husband, who is also delighted with the care he’s receiving from Dustin at Union PT.
Lizzy Hegedus
Lizzy Hegedus
15:33 04 Jun 19
Sarah is the best! I am so thankful for her. After seeing multiple physical therapists, Sarah was the first one to effectively diagnosis and treat my hip pain. I have seen tremendous improvement over a short period of time. I am running pain free thanks to her!
Kyle Ord
Kyle Ord
04:37 26 Apr 18
I've had such a great experience with Union PT! I switched here from my hospital's PT and have been so happy I did. The therapists here (I work with Kristen!) give so much great attention to detail to work on healing the injury as thoroughly as possible. As a very athletic person eager to get back to full speed after an injury, I was given clear explanations of my progress and expectations on timing and the potential need for further care.
m emily
m emily
16:26 27 Sep 17
Mitch and his staff are the best. Back troubles for a number of years and he was able to lead me to a concise and efficient path to recovery that made sense to me during all phases of recovery. And his clear and confident communication was also a big element in my mental and emotional recovery of the injury. I'd have no problem with referring anyone with a physical issue to his office.
David Wildman
David Wildman
20:10 23 May 17
Dustin is an excellent physical therapist. He helped me with a shoulder issue. Sydney at the front desk does a great job as well. The office is located in a very cool, old building with free off-street parking. The only reason I didn't give five stars is that I have had two billing issues with their third-party billing company. I still highly recommend Union Physical Therapy.
Brian Walker
Brian Walker
00:47 04 Mar 17
Excellent results from working with Sarah at Union PT. Nice environment and very convenient as well. Pro-tip... if you have an afternoon appt don't park in the parking lot or you risk getting stuck behind the school pickups getting out of the lot.
Dallas Milburn
Dallas Milburn
04:49 18 Jan 17
Super rad building with really great staff. Union PT was able to cater to my specific needs and get me active again! Street parking is also super chill if the lot is full.
John Aspinall
John Aspinall
19:47 27 Jul 16
I cannot recommend Union Physical Therapy enough. I have seen many different PT & OT professionals over the past few years, and this experience has been my best. I have made tremendous progress working with Mitch Owens for the past few months. I have been experiencing chronic pain for years, and with the help of Union PT I am improving and regaining a degree of normalcy in my life. Mitch possesses a remarkable combination of knowledge, experience, attention, and intuition which seems to enable him to address my body’s condition with fresh interest and consideration each visit. Mitch is not only a great physical therapist; he is a cool guy and fun to work with.
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