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Union Physical Therapy

 I have seen many physical therapists in my time (some of the best in the world), and Mitch ranks as one of, if not THE, best.  I had several ailments that he helped alleviate.  He offers a focused, catered, customized approach that was unbeatable; he only dealt with me when I was there, and didn’t pass off my routine to an underling.  I will see him again if I have any more issues.
Mike H.

I have seen several PT’s since my car accident and Mitch and Sarah have been far and beyond the best and most helpful PT’s in moving my healing forward.  I so appreciate that they do hands-on work (manual therapy vs. just giving me exercises to do).  I see measurable improvement after every session with respect to range of motion and lessening of pain.

They are also lovely humans who forgive me without judgment for not always being perfect (okay, never perfect) about doing my exercises! It’s also very helpful that Mitch always send me video links modeling the exercises so that I can do them with good form.

I have made enough progress that I will likely be graduated from PT soon and I’ll miss these folks! They really care about their patients and have created a very friendly/welcoming place to heal.

I highly recommend Union PT!

Devora E.

Union PT is simply amazing. All of their workers at courteous. Working with Elisa was great! I went in with neck and back pain and I could not move. With a doctors notes I went in to Union after comparing other PT places and this place is phenomenal. Here they take the time to get to the root of the problem. I love their online appointment system too. It makes for easy scheduling. Elisa has worked magic and now I am completely free from pain. With her knowledge of how the body works, there is no other place I will go-in case I ever need a Physical therapist again.

Leah M.


I highly recommend this place! I’ve been working with Mitch Owens for the past few months now & my symptoms have improved, greatly. I was in a car accident a little over a year ago and had terrible headaches, neck & back pain pretty much everyday. Although the severity of my pain went down a bit with massage & chiropractic, I still had headaches everyday, until I started seeing Mitch. He is very good at listening to your concerns, giving you knowledge about why your body might be feeling that way & addressing those concerns that day. He has a very gentle & attentive technique that is very effective! Not to mention he is a riot, which all makes for a pleasant yet helpful experience!

Megan F.


This is the best physical therapy office I have ever been to. Having been involved in sports my entire life, that is saying a lot.I got referred to Elisa from a spine specialist after a car accident and the resulting back injury that I couldn’t get relief from . Elisa did her own thorough evaluation and didn’t just rely on the doctor’s notes. Elisa established a personalized plan for me and for my goal of getting back into running ASAP.

Elisa is amazing. She takes the time to listen to you and explain to you what she is finding and what her specific goals are for the session. She is very hands-on and works to manipulate and target the specific problem areas of your body. Her exercises are so effective, I don’t feel like I am wasting my time doing tons of reps and not feeling any changes.

She prescribes a home exercise routine that is completely manageable. Keeping up with work and with life is hard enough as it is, but her routines fit in just fine. The exercises are all hand picked by Elisa based on what you are targeting in PT. My exercises change every week and I love it. I have never progressed so quickly with another physical therapist.

I also love that when you schedule a one-hour appointment, you get an hour with the physical therapist. Too many times I have been one of 6 or 7 patients in a large workout room while the physical therapist comes by once every 10 minutes to check on the progress I’m making with my exercises. Not here.
I am so close to running again, I can taste it. My day to day life has improved by leaps and bounds since I started at Union Physical Therapy.
I would not be enjoying my current active lifestyle and my current quality of life if it weren’t for Elisa and her incredible care. I rave about her all the time and would absolutely recommend her and the rest of the staff at Union PT to anyone.

Jillian C.


I have been in pain for over two years from a car accident. I have tension on my neck and mid back that never went away, even after two years of massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture treatment. I was at a point where I have completely given up on all treatments and think that I would probably have to live with these pain for the rest of my life. Then I consulted with my doctor and he referred me to Mitch Owen. What was funny was, another person I know referred me to Mitch awhile back but I never went. I figured Mitch must be the best PT in Seattle so why not give it a try. After meeting Mitch for the first time, I knew I am in good hands. He is very passionate and very knowledgeable about his profession. He takes the time to listen to my problems and provide me with effective treatments that triggers my pain areas. I have seen major improvements weeks after weeks. (I wish I would’ve seen him earlier). It has been three months of consistent treatment and the pain on my neck has decreased, the pain on my mid back went away. I can’t thank him enough. I am so happy to be able to do the activities I once used to, without feeling pain, for a long period of time. I think anyone who is looking for the best PT should go visit Mitch and you will understand how good it feels to no longer have to live with pain.

Sofia T.


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