When you come to your first visit we will require the following information:

  • Written prescription/referral (please check with your plan to see if a prescription is required)
  • Insurance card(s) with your ID and group number
  • Photo ID
  • Your birth date and that of the insurance subscriber’s, (if not yourself)
  • Patient registration information
  • Co-pay (if applicable)
  • Any other appropriate billing information including auto or Labor & Industry claim number and claim manager/adjuster information if applicable

On your following visits, it is important that you keep the staff informed of any changes such as a change in insurance, a change of address, or physician, etc.

What should I wear? You should wear loose fitting comfortable clothing. If you are being treated for a spinal or shoulder problem please wear a tank top or camisole type top with thin straps is recommended to expose the upper back and shoulder blades. If you are being treated for a low back, hip, knee or ankle problem sweat pants, yoga pants, or shorts are recommended for assessment of hip mobility.

How long is each visit? 53 minutes to one hour.

In addition to the evaluation, what else will be involved in my treatment? A combination of the following interventions may be used to achieve treatment goals:

  • Manual therapy techniques (soft tissue and joint mobilization)
  • Therapeutic exercises (stabilization, mobility, flexibility)
  • Ergonomic and movement training (including gait evaluation and bike fitting)
  • Education regarding your condition and your plan of care
  • Electrotherapeutic modalities
  • Therapeutic ultrasound

How many times a week and for how many weeks will I need to come? The frequency and duration of your treatment program will be in part determined by your physician and therapist’s recommendations but will also be based on your goals and availability.

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