Updated January 7th 2015:

Your insurance company is billed $55 dollars for every 8-22 minutes of PT services during a standard appointment. This makes the cost billed to your insurance provider roughly $220.00 dollars for each followup visit. We are reimbursed a percentage of this cost based on a “negotiated” rate that insurance providers set in our contracts with them. The rate is driven by an unregulated, set percentage of reimbursement in the contract that we have no power to negotiate. As small independent providers we have little choice but to accept the rate that the insurance company sets. In order to cover our costs we are forced to drive up our base rates. This is one of the major reasons why the cost of health care in the US is so inflated and our charges may seem rather high. In reality we offer some of the lowest rates in Seattle. If you look into it you’ll notice that none of our competitors posts their rates online.

Because we are contracted with insurance companies we can not legally charge different rates for people who are not covered by insurance. To offset the cost inflation driven by insurance providers we can legally offer a 35% discount for a patient paying cash at the time of service.

For an initial evaluation the cost is $130.00  plus any additional treatment codes that are billed for that visit. If there is a significant change in your condition we may also charge for a re-evaluation code which is $75.00. Additional charges are based on 15 minute treatment codes which are all priced at $55.00.

These are very likely the same rates you would be charged in any practice for much less time with a licensed physical therapist. At Union Physical Therapy physical therapists provide one on one care for an entire hour which cost us more as a company but we are willing to take the financial loss to provide the best care possible to our customers!

In brief for a patient paying cash at the time of the visit:

Estimated Initial Evaluation visit cost after 35% discount for payment at time of visit has been applied: $156.00-$191.75

Follow up visit cost after 35% discount for payment at time of visit has been applied: $145.00

For a patient who has insurance and is paying towards a deductible: Your rate will vary based on the rate that has been negotiated rate in our contract with your individual provider. Please contact your provider or our billing service  to determine this rate.

For a patient who has insurance and has met their deductible: You will be responsible for a co-insurance or a co-payment depending on your insurance carrier.

Union PT Value Statement:

You may notice that you will not find any other providers posting their rates openly. We do this for a very specific reason. Health care in the US is expensive and a medical providers time is valuable. If you can not afford PT services then please do not find yourself indebted to Union PT after service has been provided. We work very hard to make our treatment of your condition as cost effective as possible. If you compare the cost of your treatment to the consequences of not addressing your physical limitations in a proactive and holistic manner you will see there is no comparison. Paying for PT now will save you money on pain medication, surgery, possible days of work lost, and or the unmeasurable cost of disability. Your recovery is our number one priority.

If your account is overdue Union PT’s Payment Plan form can be found here

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